19. Januar 2016

“We are fed up with...” - "... loose limbs" - "No. AGROindustry!" -"LOOSElimbs!"

16.01.16 -Demonstration in Berlin: 'Wir haben es satt'
(Besonders nett; die Steckbriefe der Plakattiere > hier)

 ... Mrs. Digne was there, of course...

"And me? Nobody's watching me! I collapsed here, just on the "Independent Farmers Voice"
"Can't move. ... HELP!"
"What's the matter, Cumberlandy?" - "My limbs doesn't work anymore. They're kind of loose"
"Poor bear. How can I help you? Should we shout together?" - "H-E-L-P!"
"Whassup guys?"
"Cumbie has prob..." - "Justian! I can't MOVE!"
"Ok! We call a paramedic and organise a transport to ...a hospital, ...a doctor ...or Mrs.Digne."
"Someone needs help?" - "You come along just at the right time, Morgan..." - "YES, since we are not fed up with agro industry but with loose limbs."  - "Ssshh, Mrs. Digne should NOT HEAR this!"


  1. The bears are reading agro news? It is so good to see that they are concerned for the future of farming..... but, oh dear, poor little cub, what has happened to his limbs? I hope it is not happening to him as a result of accidentally eating GM foods????

  2. *gnihihi*
    If more of us got these 'results', then we'll have the wanted change immediately...
    Thanks for being on our side, Jenny!

  3. Poor Cumberland ! I know that Mrs Digne would never let anyone including the bears eat GM foods! It must be all the walking he did last year when they were looking for a home of their own. Between just us... Edward had to have a small restitch op just before Christmas due to loose limbs! It maybe catching!!
    Mrs Digne who is supposed to be looking after her dicky ticker and not marching and getting stressed will I am sure once she's recovered perform the delicate operation of making Cumbie stand again!

    1. An elaborate analysis, Mrs.Mum!
      I found out, the Paulis are 'gescheibt' - made with other joints than the Brambers.
      But if needed the bramberbears are easy to repair.
      I hope *g

      ('Performing a delicate operation' sounds such sophisticated...but -wohlan- I'll try.)

  4. Oh poor little fellow, I hope it's not long lasting this problem of his....for I am behind in my blog reading and only catching up now. I suspect like all of us when we reach a certain age, he's falling apart at the seams......I wish there were a quick, easy and painless way of sorting us out!!!!
    I really LOVE that last photo, it's so sweet how she has her hand on his shoulder like that!

  5. Outstanding photography once again and which could just as easily tell the story pictorily (without any words.)
    Isn't it always the way, these things so often tend to happen when the 'boss' is away?!