28. Januar 2016

Why Rose rant and rave at Cumberland

NO! This is not happening!

"You can't be serious! Come OFF!"
"Yesterday you can't move, but today you're an artist? GET DOWN"
" ...but this is so much fun..."

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  1. What an earth is he up to ! He'll fall and break something, no wonder Rose is telling him to come down ! Boys what can you do??? :)

  2. Oh dear! Do be CAREFUL! We want you for another day/time/year!
    PS. The Christmas card that I hadsent to you was re-turned here today with a note saying 'not sufficent an address.' I'm blaming it all on Denise as it was she who gave me your address in the first place!
    Will re-post again once I get the correct address from someone (and maybe charge her for the new postage!?!?)

    1. Oh I'm sorry to read that!
      Will email Dee about the adress.

    2. I assure you, I'm still living here and I'm not a robot :)

  3. Noooo!
    How on earth did he get up there???