14. Februar 2016

♥ Happy Valentine, my friends! ♥

Man sollte alle Tage wenigstens ein kleines Lied hören, 
ein gutes Gedicht lesen, 
ein treffliches Gemälde sehen 
und, wenn es möglich zu machen wäre, 
ein vernünftiges Wort sprechen.
-JW v. Goethe

One should at least all day  hear a small ayre, 
read a good poem,
watch a splendid painting
and if possible;
speak a word of sense.
-Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe 

It's raining cats and dogs in today almost dark and grey germany.

On the other side: 

the living room here at Commoneos is full of girls and lightened bright in flashing valentine-pink.

You know pink is able to harm innocent boys!

So I stick to Goethe. 

Sitting here with a good book, some lovely aquarelle and am talking to you.
 If you just sing a ditty for me, it would feel like nirvana...

Happy Valentine!