2. April 2016

Just an update

Thanks to all friendly people, who asked me where I am...
I'm fine  - and there's so much to do. No time for dolls. But I miss YOU all the time!

May I indroduce my 7th grandchild?
  ... CARLOTTA CHRISTIN, born healthy on March the 7th.

And here she meets the well known Remus at his christening day:

Hope you are as well as I am, but not that busy!
And hope to see you again soon!


  1. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your 7th grandchild, she is beautiful.

  2. Such a pair of cuties!
    My goodness hasn't Remus grown.
    Congratulations - glad to hear you're well, we have been thinking about you :)

  3. What a lovely new granddaughter you have and a new playmate for the handsome Remus. So many lovely babies to cuddle for you and Mr D.
    Glad to know all is well , we miss you and look forward to when you can come play again :)xx

  4. A beautiful new member of your family, you are very lucky....such gorgeous grandchildren.
    We are missing your dolly blog posts but I think you're having more fun being busy with your grandchildren :)

  5. Thanks so much for your kind words, dear Sasha-friends!

    Yes; Remus becomes a chubbyface/ Moppelchen. But he's still fully breastfeeded, mostly happy -and healthy. Carlotta is a quiet one, wich is helpful, because the other 3 siblings are not :)

    I hope so much to get time für rest and play soon.
    Sasha hugs to you all!

  6. Congratulations to you on the birth of your seventh grandchild! How truly marvellous for you... no wonder your Sasha Dolls and blogspot are not getting a 'look in' these days! Although we sorely miss your fabulous posts we are quite prepared to wait whilst you enjoy this latest delightful little soul!
    Wishing Charlotta and her family a very happy and healthy life together.
    Remus certainly seems to be enjoying meeting her on his special day.
    Ps. I have tried unsuccessfully to get your email address or Facebook message you to say a big THANK YOU for my lovely birthday card and most attractive lantern cover. I was really thrilled how you remebered me on this rather LARGE numbered birthday, especially when I know that you are so busy over there.

  7. Just popped back to see if you got my comment and message to find that it's nowhere to be seen here. Not sure then what has happened to it? Obviously lost somewhere in Cyberspace!
    So here we go again.
    I have certainly been really missing MY very favourite bloggings BUT having now caught a glimpse of why you have been absent from the scene I can easily forgive you!
    How truly wonderful to now have seven grandchildren! Baby Carlotta is beautiful and how sweet is little Remus meeting her on his Christening day.
    I have been struggling to get your email address to write and thank you for my lovely birthday card and super candle lantern. It looks stunning when surrounding a lit nightlight. Many, many thanks indeed especially for remembering me when you're SO busy helping with the latest baby births.

    1. Dear Kendal,
      you're welcome!
      Thanks so much and please excuse me not joining the Sasha-scene this time, it's really to much.
      I'm switching busy between the land, the holiday-flat and guests and my family.
      Got the feeling the challenge grows instead of fading. And -you know certainly- not feeling that strong anymore. Next year I'll become 60 :)

      Your comments doesn't show because the comments of elder posts have to await moderation.
      Now I read them -and am thankful for you and the other Sasha-friends thinking about me!

  8. Hello! We are busy for the same reason as you are.
    Don't babies take up a lot of time? And isn't it wonderful to spend that time with them?
    My little grandson was born on 1st March.
    Jenni xxx

    1. Congratulations, Jenny! All the best to the young family!

      Yes, it's a good feeling to wear these little ones and cuddle with them. To read to the elder ones -and eating icecream together.

      It also seems to be ok leaving them -and have a rest :)
      I'm happy though not to be the mother of small children anymore. This level is gone -and so is the endless power one need for this job ...