31. Januar 2017

ONE, TWO, three,

FOUR! - *chirppp*

Yes-it- IS - to-o -dark - LIGHT!
Bet-ter-? - *chirpidichirpieee*
To-o -red?  To-o plu-sh-y?-Exag-ge-ra-ted?- Mis-con-cep-tion?

OH! I had imagined this quite different...

29. Januar 2017

ONE, Two,

WHAT- does -that-mean? You don't- think, this- is- ok- with -the Com-moneos?  - On -the- mantle-piece? This- is -MO-DERN ART! Not -persua-sive??
To-o much- plastic? Not- cozy?  Im-perso-nal, un-wel-coming?
Yes- yes- I'll -try -it -again.

28. Januar 2017


No time for dolls, because...
... we had fun in the snow
Then, we had to warm up our cold feet ... 
...while singing (about Hänsel&Gretel)

25. Januar 2017

Design Interior ***** (kind of)

Don't think it's so easy!
Fresh winded up and  he goes like a train!  - ...cHR- chrrrr- cHr
Now see how you manage all on your own!
... cause  we're leeeaaaving ... on a jet plaiiine
don't know when we'll be back agaiiiin ...
chrrk - chrrrkk -krrrchr [: refrain :]
 ... the -co-ast -is-cl-ear ...

24. Januar 2017

Design Interior ****

<<<<SCHWUPPPPPSSSS<<<   ... again; you know? Somebody to frighten in here?
Stop! What's that?
A Robot.  Motionless. [Don't shift me; Pinky ...]
There ... have to ... be ... a ...
KEY!   Hold this...
Whew.  You're heavy, Precious
Sorry Bro ... we must find the ...keyhole.  - mrblllffbl - I know, I know, this wine tastes corky ...  just a minute!
...not at the hindquarters ...
Uh-Huh. I SEE!

...to be continued

23. Januar 2017

Design Interior ***

Here I am.  - Especially for the lovely Dee of SashaVillage, who doesn't remember me:  ... I'm the often called. I'm  OTTO! I'm wearing glasses today for making sure that  I'm the well known troubleshooter of this CommoneoCrew. 
Again. Here I am, can I help you? - Mayhaps? We need a something counsellor.. - Yes; because we have to decorate our lounge (thanks for that word, Kendall) , and we run off ideas!
I'm pretty sure, you don't expect ME to know something about interior Design... thanks so much!  But I got help in this trunk. Tadaa!
"At-ten-tion: This Is Not A Toy" - What is it anyway?
This is a Robot ... - Wait I'll just put that tree aside ...
Well, this is a Robot ...  - you told this lately ...  - An oldschool looking ROBOT wich is programmed ...   -a MAchine?   - A R-O-B-O-T, made  to help lost souls... - you didn't just named  us 'lost souls',  didn't you?? - ... an Automaton  for guidance, assistance and encouragement.  And YOU may test it. *Phew!

  ... time for DIN-NER, boys and girls ... 

Ok, we've to dress for dinner. - Can we leave that ..thing... alone here? - Sure, you'll need a key for waking him up.

22. Januar 2017

Design Interior**

Our friends do like this wallcover, but I'm still not sure.  - It's lovely, but would fit a kitchen better?! Or  a foyers ground?
We have to try another variation! - And the tree? Seems it don't like to be around here.
Isn't this too  trendy for a cozy fireplaceroom?
Mayhaps. These are frames. We have to place  photos in there; though.
-Why we couldn't use the old wallhanging. The one with the friendly owlies? - Mrs.Digne said, rooms need changes from time to time and that's what life is about.  -*sigh*
Not nice, Miss Crazie. She' s of the opinion that we need some more help.
 -Who could we ask then?
 ... OTTO!!

21. Januar 2017

Design Interior*

Do you really think  this could fit our  fireplace-room? -  *chirp*

20. Januar 2017


It's pretty outside! We'll go for a walk!
About  0° Celsius

Where's Hawkeye?

Why do you want to go home?
Because there's  a  'Hot Honey' waiting for us!
OK then ...