25. Januar 2017

Design Interior ***** (kind of)

Don't think it's so easy!
Fresh winded up and  he goes like a train!  - ...cHR- chrrrr- cHr
Now see how you manage all on your own!
... cause  we're leeeaaaving ... on a jet plaiiine
don't know when we'll be back agaiiiin ...
chrrk - chrrrkk -krrrchr [: refrain :]
 ... the -co-ast -is-cl-ear ...


  1. Trust that TT to set the little robot off then leave! And who is that robot telling the coast is clear? are there aliens waiting to come and take over the living room? or will you find a big crop circle where the carpet once was?... only the next installment will tell......

  2. Aww he works!!! And he walks!
    I wonder what will happen now that he's walking :)

  3. Robots are such fun to play with but not sure of their decorating skills. Guessing that I will just have to wait and see.