22. Januar 2017

Design Interior**

Our friends do like this wallcover, but I'm still not sure.  - It's lovely, but would fit a kitchen better?! Or  a foyers ground?
We have to try another variation! - And the tree? Seems it don't like to be around here.
Isn't this too  trendy for a cozy fireplaceroom?
Mayhaps. These are frames. We have to place  photos in there; though.
-Why we couldn't use the old wallhanging. The one with the friendly owlies? - Mrs.Digne said, rooms need changes from time to time and that's what life is about.  -*sigh*
Not nice, Miss Crazie. She' s of the opinion that we need some more help.
 -Who could we ask then?
 ... OTTO!!


  1. OTTO! Do we know OTTO ? Have we met OTTO? I am very bad with names even with my own dolls names.. even so I'm not sure I remember OTTO!
    Love his double coloured name :)
    Loving all this redecorating thats going on, you know how I love to redecorate :) looking forward to seeing OTTO and just how good he is...... :)

  2. Loving all the realistic activity trying whilst to give this lounge/living room a new fresh look for 2017. (Particularly taken with the actions of the girl in the jeans, red T shirt and headscarf. She's definitely artistic and got the necessary DIY skills needed. IMO there's no need to call for Otto's help!)
    Those are two dear little picture frames.

  3. I agree with Kendal no need for Otto - the girls are doing a great job!
    It is nice to change things round from time to time, then you can appreciate things when you see them in a new setting.

  4. Thanks for lurking in; dear friends...
    but it's too late, OTTO is called and just appearing at the scene.
    Perhaps or mayhaps he'll do a good job?

    Paola (the red shirt) says a big thanks to Kendall for trusting her!
    Otto (OTTO!) is still confused because there's a Dee, who don't remember him.

    Yes, Rosalind, I'm thinking alike.
    I seldom displaying dolls, because after a very short time I stop to really 'see' them.

  5. The girls are always so busy in your home Anne, they make my girls and boys look incredibly lazy. I think I need to make them look at your blog and see how good girls and boys work!
    I like the little frames but yes, maybe some nice photos would look great in them.