23. Januar 2017

Design Interior ***

Here I am.  - Especially for the lovely Dee of SashaVillage, who doesn't remember me:  ... I'm the often called. I'm  OTTO! I'm wearing glasses today for making sure that  I'm the well known troubleshooter of this CommoneoCrew. 
Again. Here I am, can I help you? - Mayhaps? We need a something counsellor.. - Yes; because we have to decorate our lounge (thanks for that word, Kendall) , and we run off ideas!
I'm pretty sure, you don't expect ME to know something about interior Design... thanks so much!  But I got help in this trunk. Tadaa!
"At-ten-tion: This Is Not A Toy" - What is it anyway?
This is a Robot ... - Wait I'll just put that tree aside ...
Well, this is a Robot ...  - you told this lately ...  - An oldschool looking ROBOT wich is programmed ...   -a MAchine?   - A R-O-B-O-T, made  to help lost souls... - you didn't just named  us 'lost souls',  didn't you?? - ... an Automaton  for guidance, assistance and encouragement.  And YOU may test it. *Phew!

  ... time for DIN-NER, boys and girls ... 

Ok, we've to dress for dinner. - Can we leave that ..thing... alone here? - Sure, you'll need a key for waking him up.


  1. Hm, Tips für die Inneneinrichtung von einem Roboter der in einem (süßen) rosa Koffer wohnt?
    Man darf sehr gespannt sein!

  2. Will the robot help with interior design perhaps? I think he looks like a robot from the 1950s so would he only know designs of that era? I hope he knows about cosy designs too :)
    Now go and eat your dinner kids before the food gets cold!

  3. That OTTO, why didn't you say so ;) Love his new glasses he looks so clever and just the person to help redecorate! Mind you I'm not to sure what his robot will get up to ! Will it all go techo? will cosy chairs and covers be thrown out in favour of metal and wood? and factory style?
    Tell your children that they can come live in the village if it all gets too space age for them..... ;)

  4. I'm not sure about the Robot as well! *shudder*
    I don't like machines, really! And absolutely NO techo with me!

    Sharon; the midcentury seems to be very up to date now?

  5. Otto looks absolutely stunning wearing those spectacles. I really love the sharp nosed Gotz lads.
    Having missed a few of your recent blogposts I have unfortunately been working backwards on this story but hopefully back on track now.
    (Noticed another picture frame has now appeared on the mantelpiece today.)
    Hoping that this wonderful little cosy room won't suddenly become too 'Industrialised' looking if this tin Robot is allowed his input... though guessing that we'll just have to wait and see.