21. Januar 2017

Design Interior*

Do you really think  this could fit our  fireplace-room? -  *chirp*


  1. Well it does have a fireplace! Love the new decide, are you having a makeover for 2017?

  2. That should say love the new decor but the iPad changed it!

  3. That is a lovely armchair and I love the throw over it too. I think it looks great with the new decor. Very nice and very cosy!

  4. I'm not sure if we are talking here about the armchair or the little spool table?
    I adore that little creative side table but am not sure imo if the chair with the blanket throw isn't just a little on the large side for the size of the fireplace so please can I see the setting again with the chair without the blanket on it?
    Liking the new colourful wallpaper.

  5. On second viewing I'm thinking that arm chair is just fine in this setting as so often the seating is higher than the fireplaces. Was at first going on my living room where my settees are much lower than my fireplace and the blanket/throw tones beautifully with the wallpaper.
    So a second 'Chip, chip' from here too!

  6. Sorry that should read... 'Chirp, chirp!'