10. Januar 2017

Happy New Year?

Sorry boys. The Kruses don't want to help us. They said we should be able  to clean without them now! The bears are up and away. With TimeTravelbear, nowadays he's giving them a lift on the past.
- And Mrs.Digne? - You know, she's still suffering from that 'Hörsturz'.  'Hörsturz'? I never understand what it means
Yes, why she's leaving us alone? Again!
That's the question. I'll go - searching for Otto, he will know...
Paola said, you want to know what 'Hörsturz' means? - Yes, and why YOU don't help tidying... - Hörsturz;  typically germanic, harsh language! It's simply sudden deafness, acute hearing loss. - *mumble* but this affects the ears and not her hands, so she should be able to ... *mumble*
What do you mean by that; german is a HARSH LANGUAGE?!                                                                             WHO, the hell, said a language has to sound like chewing a gum or talking with a stringy toffee in your mouth?        WHO?   We all know who! The 'land of the free', where they are free to think the whole world are desperately in need for their standards. Free to fill the oceans with tons of plastic garbage. Free to get whatever they want,  in every country of the world, and preferably oil. And if the people there has alternative viewpoints -  free to throw bombs on them or forcing regime changes f.e. by false flag operations! -  I strongly prefer a HARSH language instead!
Whassup? You're making a racket! - No idea! Justian totally freaked out and goes mental!
Justian, ... well. Are you aware that you're actually talking ENGLISH? - Don't  you hear my HARSH german accent? I'm proud of! I know there are so much lovely english people out there, even in the usa (from now on I'm writing it SMALL, because they need the message) ... but DON'T, don't  remind me on these self proclaimed global dominators...
Well, uh.  - Perhaps we should have a MEETING? Talking about Mrs.Digne, the global situation and spring cleaning?
... the best I've heard today so far. CU!


  1. IT IS A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR NOW YOU HAVE ALL RETURNED!!! Sorry to shut but we want Mrs Digne to hear us, if she is having trouble with her ears! we are sorry to hear this.. sorry ;)
    The world's gone mad but here is Sasha land , we can rest and get the energy to go back out to keep on eye on the monsters that may be trying to rear their ugly heads!
    We in the Sasha Village are so Happy to see you all that we even send kisses , well not us boys but especially the girls and the girl bears .... we are H A P P Y.... .. Now I must run and tell the others you are back.... xxx Belle

  2. Happy TWENTY SEVENTEEN Anne! Everyone is back blogging again! Yay!

  3. Soo good to know, YOU 2 holding place in Sashaland!
    And good to HEAR you!
    (I'm able to hear well again, thank god - but got some weird noises still buzzing in my head. Hopefully they'll shut up in the future *fingerscrossed*)

  4. Oh dear, not you too Mrs Digne? I'm struggling with the voices too, they are driving me NUTS! But as Dee says, hopefully they'll not poke their nasty unwanted noses into our Sasha world, or any of our dolly worlds to be honest.
    It's lovely to see you back blogging though, and hope you will stay with us so that we can fight the enemy encroachment together.
    I can see my dolls making placards as I type!
    Happy New Year xxx

  5. OH! Only just realised that you are back with my favourite blog room scenes. Wonderful to see those great boys helping take down the Christmas decorations! Certainly doing a fab. job and on a task that I hate doing each year as everything then seems to look so bare!
    A very happy New Year to you all over there!