12. Januar 2017

... more polishing

Juhuuu ...  sisters ...
Mrs.Digne is searching for her lip balm.
Did you see it?


  1. Your poor Sasha kids...they have to work hard :)

  2. Ooooops!!!! Looks like Mrs Digne might have sore lips for a bit longer....well at least until the girls have finished their polishing :)
    Your little toddler looks very cute in her dungarees and pigtails!

  3. LOL , ha ha ha ha oh dear... most things are multi tasking, I'm sure they'll be enough left for Mrs Digne's lips ;)

  4. Had to smile here! Never realised that Bees Wax could be used for as a lip balm before. Such a perfect sized tin for the 'polishing' scenes.
    Sweet little toddler. I always love the way you dress your Sasha kids.
    More please!

  5. Thanks for watching, lovely friends!

    The beeswaxbalm just catched my eyes -and so I got the idea for this scenario :)
    And yes, my lips are almost gone with age, so it will be enough for waxing them. [*mblublum* sadly it's somewhat sticky]

  6. Brilliant - beeswax is probably one of the earliest lip balms and it is so funny that the Sasha children naturally thought it was polish as well.