28. Januar 2017


No time for dolls, because...
... we had fun in the snow
Then, we had to warm up our cold feet ... 
...while singing (about Hänsel&Gretel)


  1. And what fun they had! Looks like they really enjoyed themselves. They are growing up so quick!llove that they little one is watching and following the others with the movements to the song! Many thanks for sharing 😀

    1. ps I forgot to say and then after all that fun outside, they get to paddle inside!! result! :)

  2. What fun! Wishing that I'd been there too!

  3. WOW look at all that snow for those little sweeties to play in! I love that they were able to warm their feet that way when they came inside. As Dee says, they're growing up so fast, but must be a complete joy to you and your family :)

  4. Thanks a lot for commenting :)
    Yes, it was fun, because snow was as deep as my knees. The snow looks quite precious and sparkles like diamonds,
    but on the other side it was cold -and wet finally. Time for a good old german hot food-bath... and it was really funny watching them singing together!

    It would have been a joy having you with us, Kendal - stepping through that snow and joining our singing hot bath in an old stockpot!

  5. Neid! Bei uns hat es gerade mal auf 5cm gereicht, auch davon ist nicht mehr viel übrig, aber dafür seit über einer Woche Dauerfrost...

    1. Dauerfrost ohne Schnee ist dann wieder blöde für die Pflanzen!
      Ich konnte auch keine roten Bete aus dem Sandkasten lösen, weil er eingefroren ist. Gabs eben Suppe ohne :)

      Es wird bei uns auch immer weniger, weil es ja nicht mehr schneit, aber dafür tags etwas antaut und nachts dann wieder einfriert, was alle Wege glatt macht.
      Wir waren zum Spielen auch etwas höher (Richtung Inselsberg), da liegt der Schnee länger.