31. Januar 2017

ONE, TWO, three,

FOUR! - *chirppp*

Yes-it- IS - to-o -dark - LIGHT!
Bet-ter-? - *chirpidichirpieee*
To-o -red?  To-o plu-sh-y?-Exag-ge-ra-ted?- Mis-con-cep-tion?

OH! I had imagined this quite different...


  1. Me TOO! I thought it would be quite different. Now I do like the colour red but....I'm beginning to prefer the modern plastic setting.... being as it was so nice and crisp and bright...but maybe without the plastic...I think someone gave you a duff decorating robot.. take him back for a refund.. come back OTTO we need you ... and bring some cushions..
    PS do you know he's stolen a saucepan lid from the kitchen?

  2. I have to laugh, it reminds me of a boudoir with all that red!!! I'm not quite sure that that is the look the kids are after though, is it! ;)
    I'm with Dee, please bring back Otto....I'm sure he'll redo it perfectly!

  3. Perhaps it is just temporary for Valentine's day?

  4. Thanks so much -you'll, for your suggestions :)

    Yes Sharon, this was what I am thinking of, a boudoir in Paris.
    And yes GregorDaddies, it reminds me on our last Valentines 'installation'
    Yes Dee :), it's perhaps time for calling OTTO and chum up with the crisp plasticsurrounding.

    Not as easy, decorating without spending money. But a challenge.
    (BTW; IS THERE any midcentury furniture abroad? Must be funny to see 60th Sasha in a 60th surrounding)

  5. Definitely geared up ready for 14th February and St. Valentine's Day but too bright for everyday living which should be decorated in the more calming and restful tones of greens and beiges.