29. Januar 2017

ONE, Two,

WHAT- does -that-mean? You don't- think, this- is- ok- with -the Com-moneos?  - On -the- mantle-piece? This- is -MO-DERN ART! Not -persua-sive??
To-o much- plastic? Not- cozy?  Im-perso-nal, un-wel-coming?
Yes- yes- I'll -try -it -again.


  1. Oh No That Robots' taken the house all modern plastic ! Thank goodness Mr Crazy is there to tell him that it's not COZY !
    I hope that robot can find some COZY before the poor family come back and see all that plastic....it's not environmentally friendly stuff and I know the Commoneo's are planet aware... oh dear oh dear....

  2. Adore that fireguard though so please keep that!

  3. It's quite avant garde. It looks like art installation by Christo.

  4. Thanks for your participation!

    The question is; do we want to live in a Christo installation, with a fireguard made of a CD-Rack?
    How do we know?

  5. I have to admit that I thought they'd covered the furniture to protect it when painting the ceiling ;)
    It's a bit too modern for me, or plastic....I like modern, but it's the plastic that I'm no over keen on. I hope Mr Robot can come up with something a little more...inviting!!