11. Januar 2017


Do you think Justian is going round the twist?
No. He is right. German is a beautiful harsh language.
And Beeswax smells wonderful.
But 'harsh' doesn't sound elegant...
It doesn't have to. To each his own. French sounds elegant sometimes, british english very distinguished and formal.
But german...
Why do we germans always having so much probs with our roots?  *sigh*  You compare incomparables. Just imagine:
Winterly lights. Colours of white and very blue. Fresh fallen snow, frozen overnight. The sound of your steps in that snow - into the stillness of a winterday. So strict, down-to-earth, distinctive, powerful, clear...
... and fun!

... aaahhh ...

... for more about the german language> watch this


  1. I think German sounds different depending on where the speaker comes from, sometimes it sounds quite soft...other times it has a harsh more gutteral sound to it. But then all languages, as the girls quite rightly say, are differently spoken. Here in Andalucia, Spanish is spoken in an often very lazy way, ends of words are missing, words are so shortened that to the foreign ear a word or phrase can be totally unrecognisable, until you get to know the language and then find yourself speaking in the same way!
    A nation should be defined by it's people, not by it's language. I have met some wonderful German people on my visits to Germany as well as here, we have lots of German people locally and I find that in the main, the Germans are incredibly like the British, we have a lot in common.
    I love to see the girls keeping their home nice, perhaps when they have finished their cleaning they could come and help me with mine!!
    Big hugs Sharon xx
    PS I love those long long words that I see sometimes, for example at the airport here in Malaga, that are apparently a string of words in German but made into one word!!

  2. Love how you have dressed those two girls with those scarves and aprons. They are doing a wonderful job with the Bee's Wax polishing! Most impressed.

  3. all language is different and sounds different even in different parts of the same country. Be are not defined by the language they speak but by the person they are.
    I love the girls polishing the floor with the beeswax which does smell lovely and the photo of the snow is also lovely but this you may keep in Germany as I think it looks so pretty there ;)

  4. Thanks for visiting us, and for giving some thoughts!

    You're right. I think additionell, our mothers (or fathers) language is important for us. It's kind of a deep connection between us and with our ancestors, it's a root, it is connected to our soul. But you know, we germans are not taking care of this nowadays, but speaking more other tongues. This is ok, - but forgetting (or ignoring) who we come from could not be helpful for our self-consciousness. (If this is the right word...)We do have a huge problem with that, since the war.

  5. To my experience, this is not an all-German problem. In the southern parts (I live in Württemberg) local dialects are spoken with much confidence, foreign words are adopted, not adored, and how we deal with other languages can be nicely heard when you listen to politicians like Schäuble or Oettinger. They don't aim for getting rid of their accent. They know where they come from, the others know that too, so where's the point?
    And only a minority tries to speak the funny clipped Hanoverian dialect that for reasons unknown is called "Hochdeutsch". Swabian vocabulary and grammar are so much richer... it's a good thing it is getting passed on, and I don't believe there is any danger it might get lost in nearer future.

    (Text in Englisch weil die meisten Leser hier das, glaub ich, besser verstehen. Jetzt hab ich deinen Blog grad aus meiner Sidebar geschmissen weil ich dachte er wäre inaktiv. Cool dass es nicht so ist - nehm ich ihn wieder auf.)

  6. Es ging mir nicht mal um Dialekte, da stimme ich dir zu. Ich habe meine soziales Jahr in Metzingen verbracht :) , ondern um die Sicht auf die deutsche Sprache von außerhalb, ich denke da zB an durchaus gehässige Youtube-Clips.
    Dazu kommt die Verarmung der Sprache insgesamt, man kann das an Aufsätzen aus den 50ern im Vergleich mit heutigen ablesen.

    Übrigens spreche ich das geschmähte hannoveraner Hochdeutsch, weil nämlich meine Mutter (Pfarrerstocher; norddeutsche Eltern)selber nicht berlinern durfte - und wir also auch gepflegtes Neutraldeutsch lernten.