18. Januar 2017

Unbelievable !!!

Here we are:  me and the good cup of...
  <<<<< SCHWUPPPPSSSS <<<<<<<<

OOps!  - Lummy!

Earth is flat , Pigs can fly ...

- Whoa! -

NO! I didn't see anything. Nothing, not at all!  .... Is it gone?
Yes  ...oh dear!
The mug. Gone flying as well
Did you... did YOU SEE THIS too? - Sure. - Looks very much like TimeTravel on a flying pig. - So I'm NOT nuts!! But TT is and I'm off now,  finding him and do some frank talk!
Leaving us alone doing the hard work! - AGAIN!
"Earth is flat, Pigs can fly and nuclear power is save."  Proverb. Was in wide use in the 80th. - Do we have to believe now in the safeness of Nuclearpower ? -  Query: What Would Mrs.Digne Say? - Aye!


  1. And the mantra goes on: E-cars are clean... (they stink somewhere else.)
    At the moment, it seems all that didn't work in the seventies is repeated. In Bietigheim, they built a brand new gleaming 20-floors-house, with luxury apartments and offices (according to their ads). Next to the railway station!
    It seems all who were there in the seventies and know better are dead or have gotten Alzheimer's.


  2. Poor Greg! ar least he knows he's not gone nuts and TT was appearing on a big pink flying pig!

    Everything is safe...... or not depending on whose telling you...only time will tell...or TT on his FP :)

    Those poor girls cleaning yet again, I think they deserve a nice treat for all their hard work :)

  3. You're so right, you two!

    The girls deserve a treat - and what is 'true' depends on who's talking to us at that moment!

    Jep. Ich las kürzlich, man kann den Leuten alle 30 Jahre denselben Murks verkaufen. Da gibts wieder genug neue Leute, die das glauben -oder die damals nix gelernt haben^^
    Nur wo sind wir, die wir's besser wissen?!

    Bei deinen Wohn-Türmen fällt mir wieder ein, wie akkurat wir alle Privathäuser mit Plastikschaum totdichten sollen - aber die Türme werden aufwendig klimatisiert.
    Oder - keiner verrät, dass die Landwirtschaft Kunstdünger großzügig verteilt, der in der Herstellung enorme Mengen Klimagase freisetzt ... mir kommt das vor wie 'Animalfarm'.
    Und wir sind nicht die Schweine^^

  4. I can relate to this poor lad, I wonder what is 'reality' anymore, I feel like I'm living in some strange, scary, alternative reality!
    Oh well.....