17. Januar 2017

Unbelievable !!

 HeLLO Miss Crazie! Where's your father today?
Hey ho Gregor! What happend to you?
There was ... I don't know, but... -
Paola! Give me a hand. Don't you think this will look marvellous here?!
Wait;  - our Gregor looks as he'd seen a ghost or something.   
Impossible, unbelievable. First Justian goes bananas, now me...
See, what I'm talking about? -  Really! OK! Maybe  a good cuppa will help here.
Just relax, Greg. Indra's been back in a minute!


  1. Oh my goodness what on earth is happening that they're all going mad? I hope it's not catching!! But I'm sure a nice cup of tea will sort everything out and everything will be back to normal in no time :)


  2. The girls are getting very busy making the room look cosy and nice while poor Greg tries to decide if he saw what he saw? or did not see what he thought he saw?
    A nice cup of tea could do the trick, even Mr Crazie could do with a seed or two ;) xx

  3. Lady Crazie is pleased to see that Miss Crazie is doing fine and helping to calm a very confused boy down as he puts his feet up after seeing visions of pigs that fly.

  4. You're right there uproad, for always getting a cup of tee first!

    Thanks for watching
    -and we all here are pleased as well to hear from Lady Crazie!