13. Januar 2017

What we're doing at eight o'clock in the evening?

We actually just sitting here, watching the fire, enjoying life - and if you shut the door -please - I will read about the 'Little Prince' to them.


  1. Very cute!! But I like my Sasha kids when they are NAUGHTY!!

  2. The perfect evening, sitting quietly in front of the fire while someone
    Reads you a story...bliss...

  3. Perhaps SiSa; you are much younger than me!
    In my age, I'm able to enjoy them quietly sitting... as Dee says...

  4. I have to apologise, because can't comment so far. I'm really trying to catch that googleproblem. It don't let me leaving comments -or only one for surprise only to stop the next, telling me they never heard about me and blowing my comment to nirvana ... *ggrrr

  5. What a lovely cosy scene, this would suit me perfectly!

  6. What a realistic fire you have there. How I would have loved to have such background scenery here. Everything is just like a room in our real lives. Just begs for some of your creative goings-on!
    More please.