20. Januar 2017


It's pretty outside! We'll go for a walk!
About  0° Celsius

Where's Hawkeye?

Why do you want to go home?
Because there's  a  'Hot Honey' waiting for us!
OK then ...


  1. These photos are beautiful, but COLD! Your little dog is very cute but I'm not surprised he wants to go home for the hot honey!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely enviroment with us Mrs Digne :)


  2. It truly is a Winter wonderland.. but I am especially liking the view from the window from inside in the WARM! :)
    They were very brave to go out and walk in the cold snowy landscape and what a lovely little dog is Hawkeye.
    You front door has looks of lovely character and hot honey is a just reward for such snowy adventures :)

  3. Great Post! And I love your front door!!

  4. Thanks for watching!
    You know; this is a mix of the small town we're living in (the gardenpics) -and the village we got our land, the circuswagon and the -inhabitable- very small farmstead (the landscape).

    So the hot honey was waiting in the town house with that door from 1904 (wich is waiting for so long for being shrubbed and painted!)

  5. Really impressed with all the snowy scenery, Caleb, dear little dog and that magnificent old door!