22. Februar 2017

Lilly of the kitchen #2

Don't forget to set the table!
Seems the fish doesn't want to be cooked ...
Finally I found her ... Liiiilly!
Present! - I want to give you something for welcome.
For me?  So kind of you. What could it be?
A dotted HEART. Awww...
Thankyou so much, little boy! - I'm Eric. - Thanks Eric!

Looks like this is less a kitchen, but more a station. Really.
Well, back to the fish...


  1. Sehr fleißig und geschickt, die Neue!
    Bei uns daheim ist es eher Sohnemann, der sich in der Küche nützlich macht - wenn ihm danach ist.
    Ist sie eine Götz Lily oder eine Maria? Die Frisur steht ihr jedenfalls.

  2. Danke fürs Zuschauen!
    Jep - sie ist eine Goetz#2 Lilly.

  3. That fish is really taking a while to cook! Oh well, at least they're all going to be very hungry when it's finally ready, so it will all get eaten!

  4. Lily is working so hard! and her a new member of the family! I hope they eat all the fish once it's cooked.
    How sweet of Eric to give her a welcome present :)

  5. Aww - how kind. Your kids are all about sharing their hearts this month!

  6. It's nice to give the cook a little recognition. Making meals for the family every day can sometimes be a thankless job.