20. Februar 2017

Lilly of the kitchen #1

What's cooking, good looking?
My name is Lilly.  -and today we'll have fish.
Well... and what's for pudding?
No idea.  - I brought some raisins and they're some marshmallows.  -I'm not really a dessert girl
OK, then ...
Well alright, BUT DON'T YELL at me! - Sorry. By the way, why are you wearing PINK and HEARTS?? You're a BOY!
And you're a Newbie. Therefore:  I'm Justian, the not-afraid-of-colors-and-hearts-boy. This is a brand new model of our talented brittanic knittress; Michelle!
And what's THIS?
DON't TOUCH it. This is obviously a MENs bun. Ultramodern!


  1. Der Herd ist wundervoll! (Der Pulli auch.)

  2. Das ist ein alter DDR-Kinderherd.
    Ich fand ja andere schöner, aber mein Sasha-Küchenprojekt ist vor Jahren schon steckengeblieben. Iwo hab ich noch diesen wirklich tollen Spielherd, so ne Art Luxusküchenhexe; der dann aber leider zu groß für die Sashas war.
    Ja- Michelle ('Delectable Delights') strickt routiniert und perfekt. So kann ich das nicht; leider...

  3. I'm pleased to see that Justian is not afraid to wear Pink, the colour suits him perfectly.

  4. Love the kitchen wear and also dear Justian a boy of strong passions wearing his lovely new sweater.Lily looks very confident in the kitchen cooking the fish. I like that Justian enjoys a nice dessert ,it the best part of the meal 😏

  5. LOL he is a funny little fellow isn't he! Love the man bun! I hope the mean turned out well and that Lily actually did come up with something for dessert!!