6. Februar 2017

ONE, TWO, THREE, four ...

...five! Pret-ty aw-s-ome, hey? -  *chiiiiirp!*
*chirrrp, chirrrrrp!*
D-on't be a -fra -id. This is a de -cor -atio- nbi-rdy o-nly
See, it w-on't hu-rt y-ou.
Did you see that new girl? I want to give her something for welcome. - *chirpppiepie* -Ok, you guided her to the kitchen and leave her there .. Well, that's not a bad place to be.
The lounge looks quite different, right? Did you change it? .. aannd I'm off to the kit-chennnn
Ye-s, I've d-on-e TH-AT -all alo-ne!


  1. Now this is more like it! A wonderful job Botty, much friendlier and almost cozy! Interesting bird trying to get from his/her shell !

  2. DAS gefällt mir! Was für ne coole Idee mit den Sasha-Fotos.
    Hätte ich der künstlichen Intelligenz gar nicht zugetraut.

  3. Ah now this looks a lot better, much more relaxing and inviting. I think any Sasha or Gregor would feel really at home and relaxed sitting here now :)