1. Februar 2017

ONE, TWO, three ... Lilly

I was told this is a home for Sashas and Gregor. And I wanted to ask if I -perhaps- may stay? But this is ...this is...
- and who are you then? - *Chirpechirpecheepcheep* -I'm Bot-ty, the Ro-bot AND- I'm- just -WOR-KING! -DON't disturb-chrr!
Oh, sorry! I'm searching so hard for a cozy loving home,  you know there are some people, who doesn't like the Goetzies. But  I'm not really sure if I really want to live within  that ... reddish loving ... ruddy cosiness
*...chirpchirpchirp* -  I SEE. The others are in the kitchen? I've to get there and you will show me the way? Thanks so much, you Chirp!
OKAY.  Again. ONE, TWO, THREE ...


  1. Forgot to mention in my last comment that I love both of the Gotz 1960s and 1990s series dolls. (Maria, seen here, was my very first of the 1990s Gotz dolls that I purchased and she was followed by each and everyone of this later manufacture coming to live in The Sasha Brood.)

    I'm sure that Mr Robot and Otto will soon, with the advice and approval of Crazy and the Commoneo dolls, find a commonly approved décor for this living room.

  2. We LOVE the GOTZIES in the Sasha Village, early and late :) I'm sure Botty will be welcome to stay with you just maybe get someone to show him some house magazines before he tries his next make over !

  3. She looks so sweet with her hair in pigtails like that. I like the Gotz girls, I have a few here and find them to be really nice girlies!

  4. Yay -Goetz! I'm so happy, you love them as well.
    Not all of them have a lovely sight. But there are some really nice little personalities.