16. Februar 2017

Valentine! The MakingOf.

Luzie; what are you doing? - Crafting Valentine cards. - But you can't see anything with that hat.
I see YOU.  - Ok; but it's too late to send them. -
It's never too late doing lovingly things. Mark my words!
I thought Valentine needs lots of pinksie whatsoever?
The pink is heeeere! Found amazing stickers for our projekt!
Yes, I  was ordered wearing  a hat like you do, same reason.  Bad-Hair-toDay.
This is soo.. nice.
We must not forget anybody!
But, how do we send them?
That's what I sai-haid... -
We'll find a solution. Get that firmly fixed in your head!
I'm firmly off  now. Forewarning the boys about that incoming pink wave!! - Too right!
Can you really write all the names?
Sure.  ... D-e-e-.
Looks great. - Beautific! - Oh, we forgot GregorDaddies.                                                                                                                                                               - Purposely. He's a man and men are usually afraid of pink!                    We don't  want to scare him.

And - how do we send them now? 

 We're showing them through the 'WINDOW', of course!


  1. Your Luzie is a very determined and creative young girl! Love her hat and her Hattitude ;)
    Love also your helpful little no navel girl having the bad hair day :)
    Tell your girls we see them through the window xxx

  2. Sunshine and card writing with hats on - what could be more perfect.

  3. Antworten
    1. *twinkling through the WINDOW to you ... *gg

  4. How lovely! What incredibly thoughtful girls to include everyone in their Valentine cards, and as they say, never too late to spread the love around!
    I like the light that is flooding through the window, very nice and could it be the beginning of spring over there?